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Taurus Bar has been a popular venue for the gay community for as long as I can remember. And for as long as I can remember it hasn’t changed at all.

But it’s never been the aesthetics that’s attracted people to Taurus. Far from it.  It’s friendly atmosphere and welcoming service that keeps you coming back time and time again (not to mention Iain and Polly.)

So, when Brandy and Coke heard that Taurus had re-opened after a refurbishment, we just had to check it out. So, armed with some trash-magazines, off we went for a leisurely Saturday lunch.

If you’ve been to Taurus before, don’t expect to return to see a multi-million pound makeover.  But the changes that have been made make a big difference.

New lighting and furniture coupled with a fresh lick of paint really helps to open up the room and give a real sense of space.  Everywhere looks cleaner, fresher and ready for a bustling year of business. Sadly, like the Great Wall of China, the aertex walls remain stubbornly in place.

The food and service, as always, were both above par.  We also used our Canal Street Card to purchase Happy Hour prices of lager and wine, leaving us with a bill that was easy on the purse strings. We left a few hours later stuffed and slightly tipsy. What more could you ask for on a Saturday afternoon?



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