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‘Looooofthansaaaaaaa’ – the unmistakable potty-mouth of Pam Ann is something of a gay rite of passage.  Although she has a cult following amongst the trolley-dolley community, she has become a regular fixture on the Manchester scene since she led the Annual Manchester Pride Parade two years ago.  It was lovely that her opening words to the audience at the Manchester Opera House (they’ve still not found a mop and bucket to deal with the toilets, by the way) reflected how much she loved the City and its LGBT community.

Now, I have seen Pam live a few times, so I recognised a number of the gags.  However, I managed to refrain from heckling every punch line like the extremely annoying super-fan in the Stalls – who was only just about silenced with a very barbed ‘OK….you’ve had your attention, now shut the f**k up!’ from Pam.  It does have to be said that some of the ground she covers is standard….Virgin Airlines employ thick bimbos, Lufthansa hostesses are all Helga from Allo Allo and the collective noun for a group of British Airways Cabin Crew is a stable!  But it’s clever too because she manages to develop these stock gags a bit further every time I see her and keeps it current – and this show has some brilliant additional material drawing on recent news reports about  the apparent chaos that goes on in the skies

Where she really comes into her own – and where she also manages to plumb new depths of filth and inappropriateness (she’s not for the faint-hearted) – is in improvisation, which formed most of the second half.  This demonstrated that only the attention-seeking and stupid sit in the front three rows, but that’s good as it resulted in some great comedy for the rest of us neatly tucked away in the Gallery (or the Asylum Seekers’ Centre as she called it!).

All in all, a completely outrageous 2 hours of comedy which was the perfect antidote to a long week.  If you’ve not seen Pam Ann and you think you can take it, get involved!



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