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Contrary to popular belief, not every Sunday morning for Brandy and Coke involves a brain-haemorrhage-inducing hangover.

OK, so on this occasion, I was feeling slightly light-heading after one too many glasses of wine the night before. But nothing a co-drydamol and pint of water couldn’t fix.

With the weather looking OK (as far as Sunday morning in Manchester ever can be) we decided to stick to our plan for a ‘civilised weekend’. Adorned in thermals, fur hats (faux of cause) and woollen scarfs we set off to The National Trust’s Lyme Park.

It’s a straight-forward drive from Manchester city centre so we arrived shortly before 11am. A £5 entry fee rewarded us with a CD featuring the history of the park and a family quiz **yawns**.  I press –PLAY- and my hangover returns with a vengeance –STOP-.

The park is vast. If I’d listened to the CD I’d be able to tell you exactly how big. The ‘map’ provided to us on entry would be more accurate if drawn by a visually impaired three year old so we had to explore rogue. We walked and walked, over hills and mountains (it seemed) through woods, over roads, across footpaths with little sense of direction.

After three hours (and getting slight lost) we returned to the car invigorated and refreshed.

The park was beautiful and felt very rural at times. I’d highly recommend visiting for some fresh air, light exercise and to escape city life, without needing to travel too far.

On our way home we stopped for lunch at The Red Lion in Disley. We were pleasantly surprised by the modern décor and clean interior (unlike most pubs located near to National Trust sites) The ‘famous French onion soup’ was delicious, although small in stature, and the Sunday Roast well proportioned and tasty.  However, we were forced to question the discretionary 10% service charge which topped the bill at whopping £10 for a meal that cost only £50. Bad maths or subtle swindle, you decide.

Civilised day out. Achieved.



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