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It’s been a couple weeks since I blogged about my foray into professional teeth whitening. If you remember I signed up for Enlighten treatment at Smile Stylist in House of Fraser Manchester.

My moulds took about seven days before they were ready for collection and they came with two syringes full of carbomide peroxide (which needs to be kept in the fridge.)

The first stage of the process is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Apply a small amount of gel to each tooth area in the mould
  3. Press mould firmly against teeth and leave for one hour
  4. When complete, rinse thoroughly.

I’ve heard rumours about how uncomfortable this can be and how sensitive your teeth are afterwards. Fortunately I’ve experience neither of these side effects. In fact, the only thing I’ve found bothersome is not drinking red wine for two weeks!

After the first session my teeth looked instantly whiter.  I continued to notice small improvements for the first few days but then it seemed to plateau. I’m now ready for the final stage, which takes place at the dentist’s and uses a laser to really get those teeth glowing white.

Once this is complete I’ll post some lovely before and after pictures. Bet you can’t wait eh?


By Michael Travers


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travs teeth2“You can have a brace, if you really want one?” the dentist said. At 14 years old I thought I had enough issues to deal with so politely declined.

Nine years later I paid £3,000 to a private dentist to correct that regrettable decision. Now my teeth are pretty much perfect.

But years of coffee and red wine (and more red wine) have taken their toll and my smile lacks that Hollywood sparkle. I’ve tried various home treatments from the Internet but nothing’s had the results I wanted.

With a Birthday and holiday looming, action had to be taken.

I made an appointment with Smile Stylist at House of Fraser Manchester. With celebrity clients such as Catherine Tyldesley, Michelle Keegan, Shobna Gulati, Georgia May Foote, Jorgie Porter and Ray Quinn you know I’m in safe hands.

The Enlighten treatment I’ve chosen has the power to lighten your teeth up to 16 shades through a combination of home and in chair treatment.  Sounds perfect.

My initial appointment was quick and painless. After a brief consultation and a few photographs, an impression was made of my upper and lower teeth. While as this wasn’t exactly pleasurable, it was completely painless and over before I knew it.

In seven days my moulds will be ready to collect and I’ll be ready to start my at-home treatment.

For a front row seat to all the action, make sure you stay tuned. I’ll be documenting my progress and of course the final results…


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dame1 copy
When you’re thinking about things to do – often going to gigs or the theatre – you come across things which make you think ‘shall we?’.  These are a long way from the ‘must get up at 8am on a Saturday morning and have three laptops at the ready for the on-sale’ moments and the Barry Humphries Farwell Tour was one of these ‘take it or leave it’ things.  Given that we were getting tickets for several other things, we decided to go for it – after all , we’ve never seen Dame Edna  and she never fails to amuse – and she didn’t.

A night at the theatre is always slightly marred when it involves going to the now very run-down Manchester Opera House and this one wasn’t any different – queues to get into the building, queues to walk down a corridor, queues for the loos and no sign of a queue, but just an unruly and uncomfortable scrum, at the tiny bar.  Anyway, settling in for the first half Les Patterson was funny enough – some complete belly laugh moments like his reference to new character Gerard Patterson (a very new Humphries creation and the ‘theatrical’ brother of Les) as ‘a v@gina-decliner’ – but then things took a turn.  As part of his farewell tour Humphries unearthed one of his earliest characters, Sandy Stone – a hauntingly-pale ghostly figure who has had a life of family tragedy.  Whilst this foray into dark humour was a tangent to the ‘in your face’ (literally if you were in the front row) style of Les, it put an enormous dampner on the mood.  A bad call Mr Humphries….but at least we’d pre-ordered a whole bottle of interval wine for the two of us, and OMG did we need it!

It’s fair to say that Dame Edna is timeless and Humphries freely admitted trotting out old material and tricks, but it worked as it all seemed so fresh.  This is clearly the character where he comes into his own and she hasn’t lost any of the wittiness and edge that has made her a household name across generations (Humphries first donned the purple wig and specs in 1955!).  Once the laughter got going pre-interval memories faded (although the ¾ pint of wine each helped too) and it was time for the tried and tested finale – Gladi-waving!  Following this, a rather touching final word from the man himself, with some lovely reference to his family connections to Manchester, and we were done.

All in all a mixed bag….’Should we have?’….probably, but once was enough and will definitely give the next Farewell Tour a miss!


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‘Looooofthansaaaaaaa’ – the unmistakable potty-mouth of Pam Ann is something of a gay rite of passage.  Although she has a cult following amongst the trolley-dolley community, she has become a regular fixture on the Manchester scene since she led the Annual Manchester Pride Parade two years ago.  It was lovely that her opening words to the audience at the Manchester Opera House (they’ve still not found a mop and bucket to deal with the toilets, by the way) reflected how much she loved the City and its LGBT community.

Now, I have seen Pam live a few times, so I recognised a number of the gags.  However, I managed to refrain from heckling every punch line like the extremely annoying super-fan in the Stalls – who was only just about silenced with a very barbed ‘OK….you’ve had your attention, now shut the f**k up!’ from Pam.  It does have to be said that some of the ground she covers is standard….Virgin Airlines employ thick bimbos, Lufthansa hostesses are all Helga from Allo Allo and the collective noun for a group of British Airways Cabin Crew is a stable!  But it’s clever too because she manages to develop these stock gags a bit further every time I see her and keeps it current – and this show has some brilliant additional material drawing on recent news reports about  the apparent chaos that goes on in the skies

Where she really comes into her own – and where she also manages to plumb new depths of filth and inappropriateness (she’s not for the faint-hearted) – is in improvisation, which formed most of the second half.  This demonstrated that only the attention-seeking and stupid sit in the front three rows, but that’s good as it resulted in some great comedy for the rest of us neatly tucked away in the Gallery (or the Asylum Seekers’ Centre as she called it!).

All in all, a completely outrageous 2 hours of comedy which was the perfect antidote to a long week.  If you’ve not seen Pam Ann and you think you can take it, get involved!


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a photo

Brandy & Coke love the theatre, so when Priscilla hit the road to tour around the UK (particularly with Jason Donovan back in the role of Tik/Mitzi) a Friday night out was planned.

Setting aside the hellish experience of visiting Manchester’s crumbling Opera House – where we are fairly certain that the wine is bottled from the puddles of water to be found on the floor in the decay-ridden toilets – the show is impressive.   The costume changes are numerous and every one more extravagant than the last; there are some outstanding performances and, all in all, it’s a good tribute to the iconic film that Brandy & Coke have sung-along to on the sofa so many times.

Jason Donovan got the biggest cheers from the crowd and was a good sport when it came to the endless run of Kylie-gags that were added ‘especially for…’ him!  From time to time there were some dodgy Australian accents going on which made Brandy & Coke think that Ayr’s Rock was somewhere in upstate New York, but the classic Bernadette lines like ‘that’s the only bang you’re ever gonna get, sweetheart’, ‘Oh Felicia, where f**k are we?’ and ‘Just what we need  – a c*ck in a frock on a rock!’ saved the day.

Well worth seeing , though don’t expect the classic 70s track ‘Never been to me’ as it didn’t make it into the musical – shame.


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