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After several Breaking-Bad-obsessed months, I found myself at a bit of loss after watching the final episode. I missed Walt. I missed Jessie too. Hell, I even missed Skyler (not so much.)

What I really missed was something to pass the time during the dark winter nights. Something to fill the Breaking Bad void.

Fortunately, Netflix presented me with a rather attractive solution.

Orange is the New Black is an American comedy series that revolves around Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a bisexual New Yorker who’s sent to prison for a crime committed in her past. As Chapman struggles to adjust to the new surroundings and unfamiliar faces we learn about her past and, more interestingly, the sworded history of her fellow inmates.

Queue some semi-graphic lesbian sex scenes, highly unlucky situations, a touch of violence and a barrel of laughs.

Despite the serious undertone of the show, don’t expect the hard-core violence found in ITV’s Bad Girls or more recently Wentworth, a remake of Australia’s renowned Prisoner in Cell Block H.

Season 1 is a great introduction to the show and the character development throughout the episodes will keep you tuning in again and again. I won’t even mention the jaw-dropping series finale (doh, I just did.)

Roll on 6 June when Season 2 will be hitting our screens with a vengeance.



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